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G-Men Go Surfing

© 1986 Irish-Saxe Studio, Appleton, WI

Engineer/Producer: Jim Hendrick

Design/Artwork: Keith Knepfel

Production: 750 Cassettes (SOLD OUT)

* No Excuses - played on WIXX 101.1 Hit Or Miss

*Side 1 - played on WAPL 105.7 Apple Sider

Side 1

White Hot Flame

Owe Me

Crying in Her Sleep

No Excuses

It's Not That Easy

Side 2

G-Men Go Surfing

Midnight Rain

Run Away (How Long)



City of Lost Souls

© 1987 South River Studio, IA

Engineer/Producer: Steve Huston (Head East)

Executive Producer: Pat Meuret (XFR Productions)

Prod: 2,000 Cassettes/Vinyl (SOLD OUT)

*Side 1  & 2 - played on WAPL 105.7 Apple Sider Showcase

Side 1

Behind The Wall

I'll Follow You Always

When I Confess

Feeds The Flame

City of Lost Souls

Side 2

Still in the Fields

More Than I Gave

She's My Girl

Too Far Gone

As Long as You're Trying

"UNRELEASED 6" songs from 1986-87  Reach for the Sky, Right on Time, She Puts Me Through Shame, Waiting, Can't Let Go & White Flag
"LIVE" songs from 1986-1987 Memorial Day Weekend Concert (1987) Headliner | B&B Tap, Oshkosh | Billy's Old Mill, Milwaukee, WI | Gateway Inn, Crivitz, WI.
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