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Keith Knepfel Band History Through The Years...


 Atlantis (1976-1977)

Keith's first band based in Green Lake, WI. | Original Line-up:

Keith Knepfel  (Guitar, Vocals)

Howie Nault (Drums, Vocals)

Butch Malzhan (Bass, Vocals)

Rick Reyes (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar)

Mark Fagerburg (Drums)

Ralph Gullickson (Drums)


 Rogues Gallery


Formed and based in Green Lake, WI. The first Rock Band to play at Deacon Mills Park in Green Lake.

The band was:

Keith Knepfel (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

Rich Mirr (Drums, Vocals)

Dickie May (Rhythm Guitar)

Butch Malzhan (Bass, Vocals)



 Shinkicker - Redline


Fond du Lac based bands Shinkicker morphed into Redline. Played a lot in the Fond du Lac, Eden, West Bend areas.

Redline Band Members:

Bob Shinske - (Drums, Vocals)

Butch Malzhan - (Bass, Vocals)

Dale Bennet - (Guitar, Vocals)

Keith Knepfel - (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

Shinkicker members:

Dickie May - (Rhythm Guitar)

Rich Mirr - (Drums)




Keith answered an ad in the Oshkosh Northwestern Newspaper for a guitar player & vocalist needed. He then joined "The Cause" alongside:

Tommy Stark - (Bass)

Tim "Luke" Luker - (Keys, Guitar, Vocals)

Tim Allen - (Drums)

Keith Knepfel (Lead Guitar, Vocals) 


Played in the Oshkosh, Omro, Neenah areas, etc.




Keith joined up with the Fox Valley band SGT. FRIDAY in 1986 as the Lead Guitar, Vocalist. The band released two full-length albums "G-Men Go Surfing" & "City of Lost Souls" and played numerous big shows and opened for many National Acts throughout the area. The band recorded their second album in Des Moines, IA. The record was produced by Steve Huston (original Head East drummer)


L-R  Keith Knepfel, Don Kellison, Billy Plucker, Dave Dehart & Rob Ryf

Past Members: Jim Helm & Jim Theabo


 LAB RATS (1989-1990)

After the breakup of Sgt. Friday, Keith reformed with Tommy Stark & Tim Allen from "The Cause" and added Mark Mezera on vocals & guitar. Being booked by St. John Artists, the Lab Rats played all over the State. They also opened for Magician @ Zivko's.

Tommy Stark - (Bass)

Keith Knepfel - (Guitar, Vocals)

Tim Allen - (Drums)

Mark Mezera - (Vocals, Guitar)


 The Speed Kings to   Junior's Waillin


Summer of 1992 Keith would join up in a Country Band called "The Speed Kings." The band consisted of Keith, Tim Allen, Paul Nelsen (Bass) & Don Dorf (Lead Guitar, Vocals) This group morphed into Junior's Waillin in 1992 as;

Paul Anderson - (Bass)

Russ Czernich - (Vocals, Harp)

Tony F. "The Hammer' - (Lead Guitar)

Tim Allen - (Drums)

Keith Knepfel - (Guitar, Vocals)


 The Falling Snakes


This band played a bit loud in their practice sessions that caused little garter snakes to shake out of the rafters. Ta-da, the name was born! Played many gigs throughout the years!

Keith Knepfel - (Guitar, Vocals)

John Medin - (Drums, Vocals)

Butch Malzhan - (Bass, Vocals)

Penny Malzhan - (Vocals, Keyboards)

Favorite spot to play was The Saloon in Hartford, WI. Tom Sehr was the owner who the band loved working for but Tom died in a fire accident above the bar. The Falling Snakes died with Tom! RIP

Rogues Gallery (2009-2010).jpg

 Rouges Gallery   (POWER TRIO)



In 2007, Butch Malzhan called to put Rouges Gallery back together as a Power Trio. The band started playing shows in 2009, limiting gigs in Ripon & the Green Lake areas. Always played to a packed room at Alibi's in Ripon, WI.

Butch Malzhan (Bass, Vocals)

Rich Mirr (Drums, Vocals)

Keith Knepfel (Lead Guitar, Vocals)

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